For years, GM Customer Care & Aftersales (GM CCA), utilized parts focused magazines created and distributed by its dealers. The magazine content is aligned with GM CCA’s business objectives. The magazines are customized and branded by GM dealers and then sent to local independent repair and body shops. In 2010, GM challenged us to recreate the same distribution paradigm for a dealer branded e-newsletter.


Develop a cost-effective customer interaction to drive loyalty;
GM GoMAIL is a dealer-managed e-newsletter designed to help GM wholesale parts dealers turn independent shop prospects, into loyal high-volume parts customers.

Each month a new GM and GM Dealer branded newsletter is created with content focused around parts news, technical repair procedures and promotions all aligned to GM CCA’s business objectives.
Participating dealers access, review and customize their e-newsletter using the e-newsletter portal.

Tools and features include:

• Pre-built GM Parts Promotional Offers
• Pre-written Wholesale Parts Services

• Dealer Customization Area
• Links to Online Dealer Resources (website, email)

• Dealer Maintained Mailing Lists
• GM Corporate Resources Links


GoMAIL helps GM Dealers understand their customer base with analytics … After the e-newsletter is sent out, dealers can access numerous reports including:

• Delivery Statistics
• Open Rates
• Click-through Reports
• And more…


The user stats speak for themselves.
• 350% growth in participation between 2011 – 2015
• 700,000+ emails opened and read
• 120,000+ click-throughs and growing

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