Client needed help in launching its first all-new product in 30 years.
Kalmar Ottawa invented the terminal tractor in 1958 and over time, the Ottawa became the generic term for terminal tractors. Many enhancements were made over the years, but like all manufactured goods, it had reached its life cycle peak and it was time to evolve.


Kalmar Ottawa began a complete redesign from the ground up – and the net result was the “T2”. It incorporated the latest in driver comforts, fuel efficient drive train, high-strength steel and composites to form a leaner, more efficient machine.

We took a three-pronged approach to this project:
1. T2 Teaser Mailer Campaign
2. Pre-meeting E-mail Announcement
3. Dealer Meeting “Wow” Factor

Direct Mail Campaign

ProAct designed a series of four teaser mailers to Ottawa Dealers to pique their interest in the upcoming announcement to come at the 2014 dealer meeting at the Wigwam in Arizona.

Dealer E-Blasts

A series of photo-rich e-mail teasers set the tone for the upcoming Dealer Meeting and encouraged dealers to make the trip to Phoenix for a game-changing announcement from Kalmar Ottawa.


ProAct orchestrated a high-energy program that culminated with a Hollywood style unveiling, complete with paparazzi. Against a backdrop of stars, with an energetic drumline leading the way to the tent, a fireworks display dazzled the crowd before the big moment. Vice President of Sales, North America, Dave Wood pulled the cord and unveiled the highly anticipated Kalmar Ottawa T2.

Dealers mingled with product engineers and company executives for a hands-on experience with the innovative T2.
The newly-designed T2 represented all the things that set Kalmar Ottawa apart from the competition – Trusted Durability, Driver Comfort, Drivability and Serviceability.


The dealer meeting tent sale event produced over $40 million in T2 pre-orders in less than two hours.

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